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Video: Callers – “Heroes” (CoS Premiere)

on October 12, 2012, 1:00am

callers Video: Callers   Heroes (CoS Premiere)

“Dance like nobody’s watching,” said Mark Twain (or Satchel Paige, depending on whom you ask). Is there anything more freeing, really, then just letting your joints loose and shaking, twisting, and dropping it like it’s all kinds of hot? In the video for “Heroes” from Brooklyn outfit Callers, it’s that kind of dance-yourself-clean mentality that guides a cast of dancers through their routine. The group of groovers get together for an atypical dance class that seems more like a kinesthetic therapy session. With Callers’ shimmering guitar work and vocals as empowering as anything on the Footloose soundtrack playing on, they dance for each other in a completely judgement-free environment. Go ahead, hit play and shake it out with them. We promise no one’s watching.

“Heroes” is off of Callers’ latest LP, Reviver, which is available now on Partisan Records.