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Video: Killer Mike – “Reagan”

on October 03, 2012, 1:06pm

kilelrmike reaganvid main Video: Killer Mike   Reagan

Killer Mike’s recent obsession with high-art continues in the new animated clip for “Reagan”, off his Top Star-earning LP R.A.P. Music. Here, the rapper’s ultra-political lyrics are translated into sleek cartoons, lending a child-like sense of playfulness to otherwise unsavory scenes of police beatings, gang warfare, Reagan’s backroom dealings with Iran, and the general commercialization and exploitation of black youth. The piece de resistance, though, is the ending scene, where Reagan’s Star Wars initiative is taken to its most literal conclusion and the carnage takes on a sci-fi-lean with cyborgs, giant robot suits, and a Reagan-ized transforming spaceship. If that’s not the best form of political commentary, then we’ll eat our hat. Watch it below (via Pitchfork TV).

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