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Video: Paul Banks – “Young Again”

on October 23, 2012, 3:15pm

paulbanks youngvid main Video: Paul Banks   Young Again

Interpol frontman Paul Banks goes back to school in the music video for “Young Again”. Like any student with half a brain, Banks approaches the situation with a mix of anguish and disbelief as he watches his own children flourish while he himself encounters the same uninspiring teachers and mean-spirited bullies he did the first time around. Only this time, Banks can battle through the feelings of confusion and isolation by blasting those punk kids with dodgeballs with a focused glare that practically screams, “Whose parent’s don’t love them now, Billy Rogers?!” Relive your own schoolyard glory/series of ceaseless tragedies when you click play below.

Banks’ latest solo LP, the eponymous Banks, is out now via Matador Records.

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