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Video: Stars – “Backlines”

on October 22, 2012, 2:30pm

stars backlinesvid main Video: Stars   Backlines

Stars have toured the world several times over and undoubtedly played some interesting locales in their 12 plus year existence. But perhaps none are more interesting than that which is depicted in their video for “Backlines”: a tiny mechanical wooden theater. Despite being shrunken down to mere inches, and undoubtedly paid in old M&M’s, the band’s new gig in the mini-steampunk-esque city is an exciting one, stocked with WWII tanks and a giant lizard that’s totally not Godzilla doing battle in the middle of their set. It ain’t Madison Square Garden, but it beats any city in, like, northern Alaska circa mid-January. Watch it below.

The band’s latest album, The North, is out now via ATO Records.

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