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Voodoo Experience 2012: A Ghoulish Guide

on October 25, 2012, 8:44am
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voodoo 2012 e1351111563690 Voodoo Experience 2012: A Ghoulish Guide

As diverse as the Voodoo Music Experience is musically, with its heavy-hitter, festival friendly rock, rap, and electronica acts, there are two constants: one is its devotion to native New Orleans music from standard bearers of brass like Kermit Ruffins to the hard-driving rock ‘n’ roll of Dash Rip Rock.

The other is the spooky fun of Halloween and how it relates to New Orleans’ lore and community. There’s plenty of juju in the old structures in New Orleans (you can’t throw an empty beer can in the French Quarter without hitting a dive bar) and the decrepit sites like old cemeteries and post-apocalyptic-looking, empty lots full of kudzu, left by storms and floods.

If you’re there for the adventurous city experience or the insane mile-a-minute drunken revelry of a festival, the always-bumpin’ New Orleans service industry, both the city’s lifeblood and life of the party, is there to fulfill your every whim.

Here, then, is a guide for maybe the best possible juju-filled city to be in on Halloween: New Orleans, Louisiana.

-Paul de Revere
Staff Writer

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