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Watch high quality footage of The Rolling Stones’ first show in five years

on October 29, 2012, 3:15pm

rolling stones 2012 footage Watch high quality footage of The Rolling Stones first show in five years

The Rolling Stones has shared some official high quality footage of last week’s warm up gig in Paris, their first such performance in five years. Now, if you’ve ever seen Martin Scorcese’s fantastic Shine a Light, you’ll know that “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” gets Mick Jagger all rowelled up. Given that this crowd favorite cracked open the set’s encore, the lanky frontman was admittedly jazzed enough, but he’s really on fire here. It would appear that the $20 bucks went a long way for the 250 involved. Get jealous below.

There’s more to come, including a couple documentaries, a pay-per-view special, tour dates, ski gear, and a greatest hits package. Basically, this is how everyone should celebrate their 50th birthday.

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