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Buy Radiohead’s $50,000 cassette demos

on November 05, 2012, 5:58pm

 Buy Radioheads $50,000 cassette demos

Plenty of people call themselves Radiohead’s biggest fan, but how many of them are willing to fork over $50k to buy four cassette tapes full of demos from the time when they weren’t even called Radiohead? We’ll soon find out as someone on eBay is now accepting bids for these cassettes from the band f.k.a. On a Friday (via Stereogum). As of this writing, no one has placed a bid or clicked on the $49,999.99 “Buy It Now Option.” But, hey, shipping is at least free!

Those with a less fluid bank account head here to download all the aforementioned demos for free. As a preview, we have the demo titled “Fat Girl” below.