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Buy Slayer’s Christmas sweater

on November 20, 2012, 5:22pm

slayersweaterpic Buy Slayers Christmas sweater

Christmastime conjures up memories of picturesque mountain towns covered in snow, friends and loved ones gathered around a glowing tree, and little elves frantically working to assemble trucks and PS3s for girls and boys the world over. But now, Slayer, those gods of thrash metal, want you to associate their bleak, rage-filled music with the holiday season by schlepping the most metal piece of attire since black boots and cut-off tees: the sweater.

The “Slayer Christmas Holidays Jumper” is the band’s take on your uncle’s ugly holiday attire; instead of snowmen or reindeer, the band’s logo and a series of skulls makes up this cheery black and red sweater. And if that weren’t enough to thrash-up the holiday, the star of Bethlehem has been replaced by a downturned pentagram, which is just subtle enough so your Nana won’t notice when she’s wearing it.

To purchase your sweater before they fly off the shelves faster than a Jeff Hanneman solo, head here. Order before December 5th and Kerry King will fly in on his Slay, kick down your door, and shoot the sweater out of a modified sawed-off shotgun.

For more Slayer-related Christmas cheer, watch video of a guy who timed his Christmas lights to “Raining Blood”. God bless us, every one!