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Buy Wayne Coyne’s gold grenade

on November 26, 2012, 3:57pm

waynegrenade Buy Wayne Coynes gold grenade

In the world of The Flaming Lips, everything is monetized, even gummy vaginas and fetuses. So of course Wayne Coyne is now schlepping the very same gold grenade that got him busted at the Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City last week.

The confetti-filled souvenir, which Coyne snatched from a party and forgot to take out his bag prior to walking through airport security, is now for sale at Oklahoma City novelty gift store Dwelling Spaces (via Future Heart). The grenade is still available as of publication, so head to Dwelling Spaces’ website for contact info and directions. It should make for one heck of an entertaining stocking stuffer.

If you’re not lucky enough to live in Oklahoma City, however, enjoy reading the police report while re-listening to the Lips’ one-hour radio program “Wayne Coyne’s Human Head Shaped Tumor”.

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