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Christopher Owens discusses Girls break-up

on November 28, 2012, 2:36pm

 Christopher Owens discusses Girls break up

When Christopher Owens first announced his departure from Girls, he did so with little explanation, simply tweeting, “My reasons at this time are personal. I need to do this in order to progress.” But now, as he gears up for the release of his debut solo album Lysandre, Owens is shedding more light on his decision.

In an extensive new interview with FADER, Owens explained that “conceptually, the band Girls—kind of never really came together.” He said that the band’s “revolving door of personnel, along with the speed of their success and the public demand for output, made it impossible to progress as a unit.”

“It’s not anybody’s fault; it’s just the way it worked out,” Owens told FADER. “The anticipation for live shows and for us to be a band was so big and went so fast that that was the only way that we could do it. We could never spend the time to make a band, and that was a bit of a mistake, in hindsight.”

Owens also admitted that not “everybody was delighted with his decision to walk away,” but said that he and former bandmate JR White remain on good terms.

“In a way, yes, he wanted to be in a band like I did with Girls, but in a way, I know what he really wanted was to be producing records, and he wasn’t really getting to, and now he is. JR’s good at what he does.” He concluded, “I’ve never had a fight or a falling out with anyone I’ve played music with.”

Lysandre arrives January 15th via Fat Possum.

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