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Courtney Love working on Kurt Cobain documentary

on November 15, 2012, 5:15pm

kurtcobain courtneylove Courtney Love working on Kurt Cobain documentary

Okay, so Courtney Love obviously isn’t a fan of musicals (or Baz Luhrman), but documentaries? They’re game in her book. As The New York Post reports, the widow de Cobain is gung ho to get a documentary going about the late Nirvana frontman. She’s even torn a page from The Rolling Stones and targeted Crossfire Hurricane director Brett Morgan, though allegedly their work dates back to 2007.

“Courtney is the one that brought me into this,” Morgan told the publication Tuesday night at New York’s Ziegfeld Theatre, where Crossfire Hurricane made its premiere. “We’ve been trying to find the right time to put this film together and the time is now… Kurt was not only an amazing songwriter and musician, he was an incredible artist and filmmaker. So we are going to do the movie sort of like a third-person autobiography — [as] if Kurt was around and making a film about his life.”

No telling what exactly that means, but hopefully the wild experiment in film will turn out better than Gus Van Sant’s disastrous Last Days. Yikes.