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Damon Albarn to broadcast “audio collage” on every BBC radio station

on November 13, 2012, 11:45am

damon albarn feat Damon Albarn to broadcast audio collage on every BBC radio station

Damon Albarn’s latest project is pretty ambitious. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of radio, he’s creating an aural time capsule which will be transmitted simultaneously on all 60 of the BBC’s radio stations. According to NME, Radio Reunited will consist of a three-minute transmission of recorded messages submitted by listeners to people 90 years in the future, which will then be mixed together and set to a track specially composed by Albarn.

Albarn explained to BBC Today:

“The idea was people would be asked the question, What message would you give to somebody listening in 90 years’ time? There was this sort of anxiety and then there were a few younger minds musing on this and they in a way were the most interesting because they were very free and in a sense the only people who will have any connection with 90 years.”

Radio Reunited will broadcast on November 14th at 5:33 p.m., reaching an estimated global audience of 120 million people.

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