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Lenny Kravitz to play Marvin Gaye in biopic

on November 20, 2012, 5:21pm

kravitz gaye Lenny Kravitz to play Marvin Gaye in biopic

According to the London Evening Standard, Lenny Kravitz has landed the leading role in an upcoming biopic about Marvin Gaye. Kravitz recently appeared in The Hunger Games and Precious, though this would mark his first leading role.

As previously reported, noted UK filmmaker Julian Temple is set the direct the biopic, which will focus on Gaye’s recording of Midnight Love in Brussels, as well as his relationship with Belgian promoter Freddy Cousaert, who was instrumental in persuading the singer to return home and launch a comeback.

Prior to Temple coming aboard, the film was stuck in developmental hell, with both Cameron Crowe and F. Gary Gray having been attached to direct. That said, the film reportedly has the backing of EMI and will have usage of Gaye’s catalog.

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