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Mac DeMarco-led band Walter TV releases APPETITE cassette tape

on November 26, 2012, 2:00pm

walter tv appetite e1353942912703 Mac DeMarco led band Walter TV releases APPETITE cassette tape

Recent CMJ CoSign Mac DeMarco returns with another effort to indulge. Off the coattails of his latest release, Mac DeMarco 2, comes Walter TV’s APPETITE. Here are a couple of necessary questions: Who is Walter TV and why are they so boldly hungry? And here’s one easy answer: The Montreal-Vancouver act is DeMarco’s other band that aligns the songwriter with his fellow tour mates Pierce McGarry and Joe McMurray. As Pitchfork points out, their recent cassette, APPETITE, was just issued by AmDiscs, and it’s streaming online. Those who subscribe to static-laden, basement choir psych jams would be smart to plug in below.

In related news, DeMarco has also dropped director Jasper Baydala’s video for “Ode to Viceroy”. Catch the ’90s goodness now.

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