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Mogwai soundtrack French zombie TV show

on November 26, 2012, 3:10pm

 Mogwai soundtrack French zombie TV show

After scoring a film about a garbage boat, Scottish post-rockers Mogwai turn to the fictional macabre for their next soundtrack: the French zombie television series Les Revenants. Based off the 2004 film off the same name (which featured a soundtrack by Sonic Youth), the series focuses on the return of some 70 million residents, who, as opposed to being your standard flesh-eating geeks, are trying to re-integrate into society. The band has submitted at least six original songs — including “Hungry Face” and “Special N” — of classical-inspired string music that generates a distinct air of serenity and romance. Stream samples here.

The band will release a number of songs on a limited-edition 10″ on January 28th, with the full soundtrack arriving on CD, LP, and digital formats on February 25th via their own Rock Action Records. Below, watch a sneak-peak TV spot.

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