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New Music: Fiona Apple – “Dull Tool”

on November 17, 2012, 1:33pm

fiona apple 2012 New Music: Fiona Apple   Dull Tool

As previously reported, Fiona Apple has contributed her first piece of music written for a film to Judd Apatow’s This is 40. The soundtrack doesn’t hit stores for a few more weeks, but MTV Brazil is now streaming Apple’s “Dull Toll”, which features the chorus “you don’t kiss when you kiss, you don’t fuck when you fuck, you don’t say what you mean, you don’t talk loud enough.”

The soundtrack also includes original compositions by Norah Jones, Lindsey Buckingham, and Graham Parker, along with tracks from Ryan Adams, Wilco, Paul McCartney, The Avett Brothers, and Paul Simon and pieces of the score written by Apple’s frequent collaborator, Jon Brion. The soundtrack was produced by Apatow and Jonathan Karp.

The soundtrack hits stores on December 11th via Capitol Records and pre-orders are now ongoing. The film premieres in theaters on December 21st.

This is 40 Soundtrack Tracklist:
01. I’m Your Angel – Yoko Ono
02. Always Judging – Norah Jones
03. What Do You Like? – Graham Parker with Punch Brothers
04. Sick Of You – Lindsey Buckingham
05. Rewrite – Paul Simon
06. Shining Through The Dark (Live) – Ryan Adams
07. Lunch Box Odd Sox – Paul McCartney
08. Brother & Sister – Lindsey Buckingham Featuring Norah Jones
09. Theme 1 (Debbie & Oliver) – Jon Brion
10. Watch The Moon Come Down – Graham Parker & The Rumour
11. Days That We Die – Loudon Wainwright
12. She Acts Like You – Lindsey Buckingham
13. Dull Tool – Fiona Apple
14. Lucky Now (Live) – Ryan Adams
15. I Got You – Wilco
16. Live & Die – The Avett Brothers

Bonus track (digital only):
17. Protection (Live) – Graham Parker & The Rumour

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