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R.E.M.’s new video for “Blue” was directed by James Franco and stars Lindsay Lohan

on November 16, 2012, 5:25pm

screen shot 2012 11 16 at 12.09.33 pm e1353089441435 R.E.M.s new video for Blue was directed by James Franco and stars Lindsay Lohan

Waking up this morning, I really didn’t expect to write about a new video from the late, great R.E.M., directed by Professor James Franco, starring Lindsay Lohan. I also never expected that our country would one day be writing an obituary for the Twinkie or celebrating the Cy Young victory of a knuckle ball-throwing New York Met. (Side note: If you’re a Met fan, read this article.)

With that said, here is that aforementioned video by Franco, starring Lohan, set to the sounds of R.E.M.’s “Blue”, one of the tracks off the band’s final album Collapse Into Now. It features aerial footage of the Los Angeles skyline and Lohan’s photo shoot with Terry Richardson, because if I had to imagine a day in the life of James Franco it’d probably consist of helicopter rides and late night rendezvouses with Lindsay Lohan. Meanwhile, Michael Stipe is back at home, posting Tumblr pictures of himself.

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