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Rdio Playlist: Suuns

on November 28, 2012, 2:51pm

suunslarge2012 Rdio Playlist: Suuns

Montreal’s Suuns were inspired by a “climate of excitement, hope and frustration” on their sophomore album, Images Du Futur (due out March 5th via Secretly Canadian). This mix of emotions is definitely exemplified in their Rdio playlist, which features everything from a little funky indignation courtesy of Joe Cocker, an eccentric, borderline surreal David Bowie instrumental, and even a little early Aphex Twin rage. Check out the liner notes below, and subscribe to the playlist on Rdio.

The band will appear at this year’s Le Guess Who? Festival, running November 29th through December 2nd in Utrecht, Holland. Check out another Rdio playlist from co-founder Bob van Heur over here, and enter to win a limited-edition Suuns t-shirt here.


JY = Joseph Yarmush – guitarist/bassist
BS = Ben Shemie – lead singer/guitarist
LO = Liam O’Neill – drummer

Joe Cocker – “Woman to Woman”
A song that kills on every level. Singing, groove and sound. Enough said. – JY

Fleetwood Mac – “Albatross”
Peter Green’s genius simplicity. Greatest rhythm section out there. – JY

David Bowie – “Art Decade”
One time I woke up while travelling and this song, which I had never heard at that time, was playing in the car. I fell back asleep and had warm dreams of the future. – LO

Sandro Perri – “Changes”
An extremely meticulous and conceptually brilliant song that somehow still has the loose feel of a bunch of pot smoking jazzbos doing first takes in the basement, complete with the philosophical lyrics and everything. I’ve listened the shit out of this record this year and it has given me so much. – LO

John Lennon – “Aisumasen (I’m Sorry)”
John’s my go-to guy a lot of the time. After listening to Mind Games, I feel like I’ve just eaten beans & rice, the food of the earth, and every other type of music seems like cotton candy. This is a song for lovers. – LO

Brian Eno – “Mother Whale Eyeless”
On Sundays I used to get high and clean my house with my friend Rick, a loopy Southerner who spoke in circuitous and brilliant ways. He would throw this song on and insist that the drums sounded “…like…..just INSANE. D’you know what I mean? Like, just totally CRAZY?”. He never really explained what he meant any more fully than that, and I never understood exactly what he was getting at, but I guess the proof is in the pudding: this is the sound of insanity, and it is badass indeed. – LO

Pixies – “Motorway to Roswell”
One the best tracks, by the best band, on their best album. If it wasnt for the Pixies, I wouldnt be making music. – BS

Frank Zappa – “More Trouble Everyday”
When I get blue about music, I listen to FZ and it all makes sense again. Check out the live version of this song on Roxy & Elsewhere. – BS

Aphex Twin – “Xtal”
Selected Ambient Works 85-92, every song is a gem and timeless. It feels like it was produced 40 years ago, or yesterday. – BS

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