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Video: ARMS – “Heat & Hot Water”

on November 09, 2012, 4:40pm

armshotvid main Video: ARMS   Heat & Hot Water

Nobody wants to be part of a couple in the midst of a break-up, but ARMS offers everyone the chance to observe the mayhem in action without the worry of hurt feelings or smashed TVs in their music video for “Heat & Hot Water”. Directed by Andrew Palermo, who helmed all of White Rabbits’ videos, the clip features a couple undertaking a road trip as their relationship slowly disintegrates.

“We wanted the video to play more like a short-film companion to the song, a mood piece that asks more questions than it answers,” frontman Todd Goldstein, who cameos as “The Devil”, told “I like to think it’s an appropriate mirror of the album’s anxious/melancholy, narrative-driven tone, with a similar touch of the uncanny.”

Watch their tumultuous and all-too-familiar journey unfold below.

The band’s latest album, Summer Skillls, is out now.

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