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Video: Freddie Gibbs – “BFK”

on November 12, 2012, 1:00pm

Freddie Gibbs - BFK

Freddie Gibbs’ new video for “BFK” brings with it a bit of controversy. While filming the video in his hometown of Gary, Indiana, the rising rapper decided to feature patrolman Jason Johnson and his squad car alongside images of pot smoking and guns being brandished. As it turns out, the city didn’t take too kindly to Johnson’s rap-star aspirations, demoting the officer and issuing a statement indicating that “any illegal behavior by Gary police officers will not be tolerated.”

But like making sweet lemonade out of lemons, Gibbs has reworked the video, making reference to the incident with a quick snapshot of the headlining-snagging story. It’s a perfect splash of rebelliousness that enhances the remainder of the clip, a throwback to ’90s gangsta rap videos ala the N.W.A., and proves that a little controversy can definitely be a good thing. Watch it below (via Pitchfork TV).

Gibbs’ new Baby Face Killa mixtape is available now (download your copy here).

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