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Video: Holly Herndon – “Movement”

on November 29, 2012, 9:39am

What: If you’ve been listening to Holly Herndon’s Movement – specifically its title track — and just been jonesing for some high-definition images of Chinese gymnasts, then this one’s for you. “We conceived the video for ‘Movement’ with China in mind. Parallel to the kinetic, circular movement of the track, we considered latent movements and how China is often evoked in conversation as some invisible threat,” director Mat Dryhurst explains. “…we set forth to produce a moving image in intimate hi-fidelity, inspired by the grace and power of Chinese Olympic legend Guo Jingjing, master film maker Jia Zhangke, and the elegance and futurity of Joyetech e-cigarettes.”

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Directed by: Mat Dryhurst

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