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Video: WHY? – “Paper Hearts”

on November 14, 2012, 9:50am

why paperheartsvid main Video: WHY?   Paper Hearts

On the surface, WHY?’s new music video for “Paper Hearts” is merely frontman Yoni Wolf wearing a bunch of different outfits whilst in front of several nauseating backdrops. But what if there’s something more, and that each “new” Wolf is really just a personification of the man inside? Like, the guy in the muscle tee and baseball cap is Yoni Wolf if he lived in West Virginia and worked at U-Haul; the guy with the hoodie and kitchen knife is the rage and anger he must stifle every day; and the man sitting naked in the doctor’s office is really just his fear of death and the finality of the human experience. That, or Wolf just went thrift store shopping and had to show off. Either way, watch the cavalcade of Yoni’s below.

The group’s latest album, Mumps, Etc., is out now via Anticon.

Buy Mumps, Etc.: Amazon | Insound

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