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Watch Sufjan Stevens’ absurd Silver & Gold infomercials

on November 20, 2012, 2:58pm

sufjanxmaspromotion Watch Sufjan Stevens absurd Silver & Gold infomercials

Walking mistletoe Sufjan Stevens has already promoted his Christmas box set Silver & Gold with some primo, decidedly non-yuletide-y videos involving warm beaches and the zombie Apocalypse. But those pale in comparison to the “Friendship Slay Ride” series, a truly bizarre and absurd set of seven promotional videos that are the comedic equivalent of Santa delivering chocolate-covered ponies to every child on Earth.

The series, created by Stevens and friends/collaborators Jeff Shoop and Rosie Thomas, includes a sensual Silver & Gold infomercial; a commercial for a monster truck derby, aka the only post-present-opening activity people should ever do again; another commercial for a holiday-centric law office fighting for the rights of abused elves; and appearances from Thomas’ comic alter ego Sheila Saputo, who may pop up more when Thomas opens for Stevens’ Xmas tour kicking off Friday. You’ll laugh so hard, egg nog will shoot out of your nostrils — even if you don’t drink egg nog!

Silver & Gold is now available in digital and CD formats through Bandcamp. The vinyl version is sold-out.

Silver & Gold Infomerical”

“Betwixt Two Furs”

“Monster Trucks”

“It’s Just Sheila”

“Law Office”

“Sheila Campaign”

“Friendship Sleigh Ride”

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