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Buy Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s perfume

on December 04, 2012, 2:30pm

 Buy Bonnie Prince Billys perfume

Think of all the musicians you’d want to smell like. Twin Shadow’s Gary Lewis, Jr. probably smells pretty good. Gwen Stefani smells like angel dust and cupcakes (so I’ve heard). Justin Bieber probably still has that new baby-powder smell caked in. But why smell glamorous, delicious, or creepily under-aged when you can smell like a person of great emotional depth and mighty facial hair.

Will Oldham, aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy, has teamed with Sanae Intoxicants to bottle his own unisex fragrance. Blogger Diane Pernet (via Pitchfork) says Oldham’s contribution was mainly “the scent of the Agarwood tree, also known as “oud” which is not only a fragrance that has been used in perfumery dating back to the most ancient times, but also a beautiful Middle Eastern string instrument.” [sic]

“Bonnie Billy” is described as follows: “Underneath the bouquet of the mukhallat, on a warm, Egyptian jasmine, tobacco night, rocks the ancient, romantic rhythm of the Assam oud. Relish in this mystical, swirling dance. It will light up all who surround you.” It’s available today from Sanae Intoxicants for $220 a 5ml bottle, or $22 for a 0.5ml sample. Suit up.

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