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New Music: Raekwon – “Never Can Say Goodbye”

on December 20, 2012, 2:30pm

nevercansaygoodbye artwork zps432e3431 New Music: Raekwon   Never Can Say Goodbye

For weeks, Raekwon has hinted at the release of a new EP entitled Lost Jewelry. Little has been revealed about the effort, with Rae himself explaining in a recent interview with, “I can’t really be giving you all the ingredients yet, man. That’s like asking to get a banging slice of pizza and you ain’t even let the man go in there and make the pie.”

But even as The Chef toils away on last-minute touches, he’s released a brand new track called “Never Can Say Goodbye”. The soulful beat is steeped in retro-mania, specifically the lush R&B harmonies and golden flute sample, a perfect soundscape for Rae’s sentimental rhymes about the good old days of hustlin’ (“It’s like Chinese gangsters there/Mr. Chow’s they don’t give a fuck/Eatin duck, starin’ at us/Ni**as pullin’ pistols out/Let ’em know yo we know what we wearin’/Wow/Now we friends/Wow/Take the Benz out/Take the back room out in style). Stream it below (via You Heard That New).

Lost Jewelry is slated to arrive sometime next month. In the same interview, Rae added the EP was a preview of the third installment to his now-legendary Only Built 4 Cuban Linx series. “It’s me saying, ‘Okay, I’m coming back around the block, big old bag of treats, big dimes and big candies, big Mary Jane pieces for you.’ Just suck on that for a little while before you get that meal you need…the Lost Jewelry is setting up the album, the album is setting up whatever else I’m getting ready to give y’all in the future.”

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