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Odd Future accused of attacking fan on stage

on December 16, 2012, 12:49am

odd future made in america mzones 3 Odd Future accused of attacking fan on stage

According to TMZ, 17-year-old Chassan Rasagi plans to file a lawsuit against hip-hop collective Odd Future, claiming he was attacked by the group on-stage during their concert in San Antonio on December 8th.

TMZ reports that Rasagi was pushed by Odd Future member Hodgy Beats after climbing on stage and “then became a human ping pong ball when the crowd pushed Rasagi back on stage. At that point, we’re told the group attacked Rasagi en masse.” You can watch video of the incident below.

Rasagi reportedly suffered lacerations on his head, scratches, and burns to his body, along with two seizures during the incident. However, it’s worth noting that several others in attendance said Rasagi threw the first punch.

Update: Representatives for Odd Future point to a series of tweets from Rasagi’s personal Twitter account which appear to show him acknowledge that he threw the first punch and brag about the money he would get from the suit.

Odd Future have had their share of legal problems in the past. Left Brain was accused of assaulting a photographer during the group’s performance at the Voodoo Experience last year, and Tyler, the Creator was arrested and forced to pay $8,000 after damaging equipment at the Roxy in Los Angeles.

Photo by Mikey Zonenashvili

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