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Sigur Rós announce new DVD

on December 10, 2012, 10:46am

valtari 600 Sigur Rós announce new DVD

Sigur Rós will compile the 16 videos from their Valtari Mystery Film Experiment in a new DVD, which will be available digitally on February 5th and physically on March 5th through XL Recordings.

For the video series, the band gave dozens of filmmakers the “same modest budget and asked to create whatever comes into their head when they listen to songs from Valtari.” Some included celebrities, others were much more subtle, and one was so good that we named it among the year’s best.

Over the weekend, the band held screenings of the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment on all seven continents, including one at the McMurdo station in Antarctica! Details of further screenings are available here.

Below, you can watch the final video from the series, “Leaning Toward Solace”, which stars Elle Fanning and John Hawkes.

Valtari Mystery Film Experiment DVD Tracklist:
01. Varúð (directed by Inga Birgisdóttir)
02. Valtari (directed by Christian Larson)
03. Ég anda (directed by Ragnar Kjartansson)
04. Ekki múkk (directed by Nicholas Abrahams)
05. Varðeldur (directed by Clare Langan)
06. Leaning Towards Solace (directed by Floria Sigismondi)
07. Seraph (directed byDash Shaw/John Cameron Mitchell)
08. Dauðalogn (directed by Ruslan Fedotow)
09. Rembihnútur (directed by Arni & Kinski)
10. Fjögur pianó (directed by Alma Har’el)
11. Ég anda (directed by Ramin Bahrani)
12. Varðeldur (directed by Melika Bass)
13. Varúð (directed by Björn Flóki)
14. Dauðalogn (directed by Henry Jun Wah Lee)
15. Fjögur pianó (directed by Anafelle Liu)
16. Varúð (directed by Ryan McGinley)

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