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Video: Sigur Rós – “Leaning Toward Solace”

on December 06, 2012, 5:28pm

Sigur Ros Leaning Towards Solace

Today marks the conclusion of Sigur Rós’ seven-month long Valtari Mystery Film Experiment. For the 16-part series, the band gave dozens of filmmakers the “same modest budget and asked to create whatever comes into their head when they listen to songs from Valtari.” Some included celebrities, others were much more subtle, and one was so good that we named it among the year’s best.

The final video in the series is entitled “Leaning Toward Solace.” It was directed by Floria Sigismondi, stars Dakota Fanning’s sister Elle and John Hawkes (of Deadwood, Eastbound & Down, and Winter’s Bone), and utilizes the Valtari songs “Dauðalogn” and “Varúð”. Elle plays a ballet dance, John her troubled father, and the ending will blow your mind. Watch it below (via Stereogum).

The band plans to screen all 17 films on all seven continents, including Antarctica! Better yet, they plan to use some rather unconventional venues, including “hardware stores, hairdresser salons, and beyond.” Click here to see a list of the first confirmed dates and venues. The band invites fans to suggest further ideas for possible venues.

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