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Video: Zig Zags – “Turbo Hit” (CoS Premiere)

on December 13, 2012, 1:45pm

zigzagshitvid main Video: Zig Zags   Turbo Hit (CoS Premiere)

Though they only formed in the last year, Los Angeles scuzz-punk trio Zig Zags already have the approval of at least one icon: Iggy Pop. The Stooges frontman recently joined the lads for a raucous cover of Betty Davis’ 1973 track “If I’m in Luck I Might Get Picked Up. For further proof that the band has that special, punky piss and vinegar in their veins, one must only turn to their song “Turbo Hit” and its accompanying music video.

Aurally, they’ve found a niche between a sort of leaner, more minimalistic Sticky Fingers and the poppy ferocity of an Agent Orange, crafting a sound of scorching guitars, rumbling bass, and haggard vocals united under a banner of grime and fuzz. Visually, they’ve put something together that feels like you’re watching either some ’80s cable access program or home footage of your stoner buddies’ Saturday night. Either way, it’s a good time just waiting to be viewed below.

The group’s sophomore 7″, “Monster Wizard” b/w “Turbo Hit”, is out now via Tubesteak Tuesday Records.

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