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Lemme Get an Encore: My Bloody Valentine

on January 29, 2013, 12:00am
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my bloody valentine feat e1359334586543 Lemme Get an Encore: My Bloody Valentine

Following 21 years of sporadic teasing of a proper followup to 1991‘s heart-shattering Loveless, the ever-elusive My Bloody Valentine (MBV) have finally materialized out of the shadows with concrete evidence of a future. On Sunday evening, the UK outfit kicked off their first round of live appearances in over three years at London’s Electric Brixton, where Shields not only debuted a new track titled “Rough Song” but also murmured that the alleged followup would be released “in about two or three days.”

Whether their current tour is in support of their new album remains unclear. A few things are certain, though: Thousands of eardrums will surge with the spine-jolting holocaust section of “You Made Me Realise”, while “Only Shallow” will swoon audiences with the same breathless wonder as it did upon first listen. The 10 tracks ahead feature several of the band’s deepest and cuts, as well as a number of gems from Loveless that have been rarely performed.

-Paula Mejia
Staff Writer

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