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The Black Keys are now suing casinos

on January 23, 2013, 1:16pm

black keys 2012 The Black Keys are now suing casinos

The Black Keys have already settled cases against Pizza Hut and Home Depot for the improper use of their music in commercials. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the band is accusing casino operator Pinnacle Entertainment of similar actions.

In a lawsuit filed in New York federal court, the band charges Pinnacle of using its song “Howlin’ for You” in advertisements, including one commerical which aired in September. For context: the band’s initial suits against Pizza Hut and Home Depot were filed in July. So, clearly someone wasn’t reading this website.

The Black Keys are also accusing Pinnacle of violating trademark law by “suggesting a false designation of origin as well as making unfair competition for them.” As evidence, the band cited claims made by Pinnacle on Twitter and YouTube that the track in question was a “licensed musical interpretation.”

Below, you can watch one of Pinnacle’s commercials and the Keys’ video for “Howlin’ For You”.

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