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Video: StereoHeroes – “Crystal” (CoS Premiere)

on January 09, 2013, 9:00am

stereoheroes vid Video: StereoHeroes   Crystal (CoS Premiere)

StereoHeroes’ latest release on Dim Mak Records, the 8 Ball EP, is really more of a two-sided single than an extended play. Still, the squiggling synths and bending beats of lead cut “Crystal” pound with enough energy to keep the party going deep into the night. Or, as the video for the track depicts, keep the massive food fight going deep into the late afternoon.

The French electro duo (these two don’t wear masks) teamed with director Robin Mahieux and clothing line OBEY to create an all out brawl on some graffiti-ed train tracks. And by brawl we mean colorfully dressed individuals smashing each other with flour, eggs, undercooked pie, and water balloons filled with something that definitely ain’t water. With StereoHeroes’ Fabrice Delcambre and Sébastien Plé each leading their own “team” and a shirtless “official” who sorta looks like Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham, there might be some semblance of order in there, but it’s really just a good ol’ brouhaha.

8 Ball, also featuring the track “Polaris”, is available now on Dim Mak Records, and you can sang it here.

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