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Watch Baroness’ John Baizley sing with Converge, his first performance since bus accident

on January 21, 2013, 2:46pm

screen shot 2013 01 21 at 1.40.40 pm e1358797368128 Watch Baroness John Baizley sing with Converge, his first performance since bus accident

Over the weekend, Baroness frontman John Baizley performed at a concert celebrating Decibel Magazine’s 100th issue in Philadelphia, marking his first live appearance since the band’s August bus accident, which left him with serious injuries. Baizly sang along with Converge for a performance of “Coral Blue”, off their Top Star-earning album All We Love We Leave Behind, and you can watch fan footage below (via Antiquiet).

Prior to the performance, Baizley discussed the positive impact Converge’s new album had on his recovery:

“It was about five months ago I was in a pretty bad fucking wreck. And I was laid up in the hospital for a while. Too long. And I was going through what I would call the worst thing mentally and physically that one could go through, at least in my opinion.

There came a point when I needed something to get me past the hump that I was in, or this state of pain or depression or whatever it was. So then I thought, ‘Well, music’s this thing that’s supposed to sooth the savage beast. And I had my wife bring me an iPod collection of mellow songs. Emmylou Harris, just old country songs. I put the headphones in and listened, and what was happening was not soothing at all in any way shape or form. It was harsh and it was grating, and in that moment when I was trying to listen to something relaxing, to get myself through this very difficult time, I became scared shitless. I thought I had lost the ability to enjoy music, lost the magic that music had over me.

This went on for several weeks. I think it was about three and a half weeks after the crash, I had the new Converge record. Emmylou’s not doing it for me, let’s try the opposite. That record brought me back into the fold. Thank you for writing music that truly inspires, that truly rehabilitates. Not just a release from bullshit or aggression, but something that helps me look forward to tomorrow when today is as tough as it is. I know you’ve had that experience with it. Every one of these guys reached out to me when I needed it, and maybe even some of you guys, so thank you guys. I love you.”

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