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The Spinto Band – Cool Cocoon

on February 12, 2013, 12:00am

Nearly seven years ago, La Blogotheque filmed their first Take Away Show in a dirty bar in Paris with The Spinto Band. In June of last year, the French music site reunited with the Delaware-based six-piece in Times Square to film a playful rendition of “Muesli”, from their 2012 record Shy Pursuit. The hopping and grinning atop the wet New York concrete never ceases; read interviews with the band and it’s apparent this is the adopted attitude for all times, even despite having gotten to the point where they “have to pick up part-time jobs again.” New record Cool Cocoon‘s 10 tracks fit right into this vein.

Musically, the album gifts listeners with what seems like a long-lost ’90s one-hit-wonder (album opener “Shake It Off”), Pet Sounds-inspired harmonies (“She Don’t Want Me”), and meticulously-layered indie pop (“Memo”, “Amy + Jen”). But beyond the swelling choruses and catchy arrangements, this record plays with heartbreak. Rejection manifests on “Shake It Off”, which includes the lyric “You say it hurts to kiss me over and over again,” and “She Don’t Want Me” (obvious reasons). But the band’s highly collaborative writing process also allows such positivity as “dancing in the street / barefoot on concrete” and more of the bliss that affixes to love on “What I Love”.

Cool Cocoon isn’t a break-up record or a party record or a record for one particular season. It’s malleable; it offers something for everyone, and it feels like an appropriately lovely progression for a band who has been loving what they do for nearly 17 years.

Essential Tracks: “Shake It Off”, “What I Love”

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