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Lady Lamb the Beekeeper covers Emmylou Harris’ “I Will Dream”

on February 06, 2013, 3:05pm

ladylamb Lady Lamb the Beekeeper covers Emmylou Harris I Will Dream

The release of Aly Spaltro’s full-length debut from her Lady Lamb the Beekeeper project is so close we can taste it. Our latest sample of the album, “Bird Balloons”, showed a visceral side to the songwriter, taking listeners on an emotional roller-coaster. Her vocals on that song may be most impactful when they’re cracking and cutting with rage, but the girl’s voice can also be just heartbreaking. Take, for example, this recently surfaced cover of Emmylou Harris’ “I Will Dream”. Not to take anything away from the silver-haired country songstress, but Spaltro’s ringing delivery of the tear-jerker may do more than just compete with Harris’ original.

Ripley Pine is out February 19th on Ba Da Bing Records

Photography by Shervin Lainez.

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