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Listen to a new song by Refused singer Dennis Lyxzén’s other band, AC4

on February 15, 2013, 11:25am

ac4 burn the world Listen to a new song by Refused singer Dennis Lyxzéns other band, AC4

What are the guys of Refused up to now that their reunion tour has concluded? Singer Dennis Lyxzén is returning to his post-Refused hardcore band AC4 for the release of their first album in four years, Burn The World. It’ll be distributed in the U.S next month by Deathwish, INC, but already you can stream the ferocious cut titled “Extraordinary Rendition” below (via The PRP).

Lyxzén is also recording an album with a band called Invasionen. Meanwhile, Refused drummer David Sandström is collaborating with guitarist Kristofer Steen and bassist Magnus Flagge on a new project, Steen is also directing an opera, and guitarist Jon Brännström is finishing medical school (via). So now you know.

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