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New Music: Parenthetical Girls – “Sympathy For Spastics” (Los Campesinos! remix) (CoS Premiere)

on February 04, 2013, 3:15pm

artworks 000039790329 m6e6cm t500x500 New Music: Parenthetical Girls   Sympathy For Spastics (Los Campesinos! remix) (CoS Premiere)

Portland experimental pop band Parenthetical Girls have compiled their five Privilige EPs into one full-length collection, conveniently-titled Privilege (Abridged). While each of the 12 tracks have all been previously released, their former tour mates (and fellow Christmas aficionados) Los Campesinos! offer something new with a remix of “Sympathy For Spastics”.

The original tune was built on little more than a sparse classical piano and Zac Pennington’s theatrical vocals, both of which profoundly hint at underlying depths of raw heartache. The Welsh six-piece pair Pennington’s vocals with a more lively, jumbled beat of hand claps and lasery synths, adding a little levity to the mournful number. Stream it below.

Privilege (Abridged) will be available February 19th via Slender Means Society/Marriage (pre-order your copy here). The album also includes a DVD “featuring seven promotional films, blood draw documentation, live performances, & other ephemera.”

Privilege (Abridged) Tracklist:
01. Evelyn McHale
02. The Common Touch
03. Careful Who You Dance With
04. For All The Final Girls
05. The Pornographer
06. Sympathy For Spastics
07. Weaknesses
08. A Note To Self
09. Young Throats
10. On Death & Endearments
11. The Privilege
12. Curtains