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Rdio Playlist: The History of Apple Pie

on February 20, 2013, 12:00am

 Rdio Playlist: The History of Apple Pie

The shoegaze pop by way of London punk band The History of Apple Pie threw down some tracks the whole band has been digging lately. In a round-robin discussion, everyone added a favorite pick or two to the pile, including songs from Broadcast, Pavement, and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Listen to the playlist and read the liner notes below, and do check out their great debut LP, Out Of View.


The History of Apple Pie

SM – Stephanie Min (vox/guitar)
JW – Jerome Watson (guitar)
AG – Aslam Ghauri (guitar)
JT – James Thomas (drums)
KO – Kelly Owens (bass)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “The Carny”
“This song is from another world… It is one of my favourite pieces of music by the Bad Seeds. There are plenty of other Bad Seeds masterpieces, but this one is the most theatrical and intense to me. It just reeks of madness.” -SM

Stereolab – “Metronomic Underground”
“I love the bass line, and even though it’s repetitive I never get tired of listening to it.” – KO

… And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – “Another Morning Stoner”
“It’s a great song to drive to. I nearly crashed a car with James listening to it.” -AG

Guided By Voices – “Can’t Hear The Revolution”
“Because it’s wonderful.” – JT

My Bloody Valentine – “Wonder 2”
“It’s the most intense thing I’ve ever heard. It’s emotionally effective even with little lyrical content.”

“Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Zero”
“Zero always gets me psyched up to go out and have a good time! Every time I put this on, the first few opening bars give me chills.”-SM

Cocteau Twins – “Heaven or Las Vegas”
“One of the first Cocteau Twin songs I ever heard and I’m completely in love with Elizabeth Fraser’s voice” – KO

Death Grips – “Whammy”
“Because it’s lovely.” -JT

Pavement – “Gold Soundz”
“It has the happiest middle eight of any song I’ve ever heard.” -AG

Broadcast – “Pendulum”
“It’s really driving and all the synths are bit-crushed, which is really cool. It’s also got an awesome nursery rhyme-like vocal melody.” -JW

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