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Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich discuss Radiohead, Atoms For Peace during Reddit AMA

on February 18, 2013, 4:27pm

atoms for peace hot Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich discuss Radiohead, Atoms For Peace during Reddit AMA

Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich participated in a Reddit AMA today, where they answered questions about Radiohead, Atoms For Peace, and other collaborations.

Not surprisingly, Reddit users were most interested in the recent quotes by Colin Greenwood suggesting that Radiohead would return to the studio later this year. Yorke avoided answering the questions directly, joking, “By the time I’ve finished answering these there will be no time left this year.”

However, Yorke did give a rather insightful answer when asked about his biggest achievement: “getting through the last tour despite all that had happened in Toronto. and the lights. and having Clive play with us. I was terrified about it, then it got dark but in the end we were all very proud of managin to pull it off. even in the O2 in London. it was not an easy time, but it was cool.”

In regards to what’s next for Atoms For Peace, Yorke focused on the recording process, often with a bit of humor. “Nigel, me An Stanley. and big waves and shit,” Yorke said of the thematic connection between Amok and his solo LP, The Eraser. He described the difference between working with Atoms For Peace compared to Radiohed as “like eating ice cream after a lovely dinner.”

Yorke revealed he and Nigel haven’t seen the rest of Atoms For Peace “in a LONG time,” though they’ll “be in the same room again April/ May I guess. I hope.” However, plans are much more concrete for future live dates featuring Yorke and Godrich “in the US (other than New York).” Yorke replied emphatically to the question with an “Oh yes!”

They also offered more details on Radiohead’s long-rumored collaboration with Jack White. Yorke previously said that they did not actually record with White, but rather used his Third Man Records studios while in Nashville last summer. During the AMA, Yorke noted that “we now have two unfinished tracks, one of which is ‘Identikit.'” In regards to White’s studio, Yorke said, “it’s nice there, red and black and white nshit.”

Asked whether he plans to collaborate with Burial, Yorke said, “I very much hope so. Both me Kieran [Hebden] and Burial are all as busy/ vague as each other.. Well ok Kierans more together maybe But we talks about it. in fact as usual I gotta write some words.”

However, in regards to a collaboration with Damon Albarn, Yorke replied, “define ‘collaboration’?”

Godrich addressed the band’s stance on rappers sampling their music. “We’re big fans of sampling and hip hop.. It was a burgeoning art form which got stamped out in the early nineties due to copyright actions.. and now ironically youtube totally ignores copyright and no one does anything… Thanks willow.”

One of Yorke’s more revealing answers came when asked whether he’d consider exploring the lower register of his vocal range in the future. Yorke replied, “Yes I would love to. I know it’s there, I’ve heard it. It’s not naturally where i end up. So it’s a good place to head, deep into the woods. The back of the cupboard.. ya nah?”

Other interested tidbits divulged during the AMA: Yorke is a “big fan of autotune,” who enjoys strong coffee and is a “pain in the arse without.” The best question of the session? “Thom, why did you steal the H from Jonny’s name?” To which Yorke replied, “Yes but he hasn’t spotted it’s gone yet.”

Godrich also offered this piece of advice to aspiring artists: “Enjoy it – making music is a wonderful way to spend your life.. but do it for the love before a career… it’s getting so unforgiving out there – I hate to think of the obstacles in the way now for new artists.. if you love it and you are good, you will be fine.. but be prepared to have to work hard and don’t judge your success by other peoples opinions.. have self belief.”

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