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UK Acts That Need to Tour America

on February 25, 2013, 12:00am
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My Bloody Valentine

my bloody valentine feat e1359334586543 UK Acts That Need to Tour America

My Bloody Valentine have unexpectedly materialized from the shadows, shattering expectations and eardrums alike with their follow-up to Loveless, mbv. Fresh from the new record’s release, the band will violate noise laws in England, Japan, and Australia during March and April, but they’ve yet to travel across the Atlantic to perform the gut-wrenching wails of tremolo guitars and windpipe-shattering drums. Any love for us, Kevin? -Paula Mejia

Ed. While we’d still like to see My Bloody Valentine play the U.S., we would like to point out that they in fact hail from Ireland, a country 100% not part of the United Kingdom.

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