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Video: Atlas Genius – “If So” (Acoustic) (CoS Premiere)

on February 07, 2013, 9:30am

atlasgenius ifsostudio main Video: Atlas Genius   If So (Acoustic) (CoS Premiere)

Last year, Australian indie rock band Atlas Genius released their debut EP, Through The Glass, a collection of four tracks that personified the feel-good, carefree vibe of a perpetual summer’s day. Moving slightly away from pure aural sunshine, the quartet explores more complicated emotions in “If So”, the latest single from their debut LP, When It Was Now.

Written about the “fascinating microcosm you get when you jam hundreds of people in a room and call it a nightclub,” the song’s disco-ready guitars and bubbly synth interlude belie an air of gritty pain and distress as frontman Keith Jeffery croons lines like, “And I’m just like the next one/Cause we’ll all be walking lonely tonight.”

That sense of poignancy is heightened to near-tangible levels in an exclusive in-studio performance of the track. Accompanied only by a grand piano and an acoustic guitar, Jeffery’s undertones of ache have developed into a full-grown beast of sorrow. That depth, accompanied by the slow-motion shots of band members vigorously shaking and dancing along, proves that these lads can do more musically than enjoy a sunny day.

When It Was Now hits stores on February 19th via Warner Bros. For more from the LP, be sure to watch the music video for lead single “Trojans” here.

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