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Video: Midnight Spin – “Lion Run”

on February 04, 2013, 4:46pm

midnightspin lionvid main Video: Midnight Spin   Lion Run

Brooklyn alt-rock outfit Midnight Spin aren’t exactly reinventing the massively-clichéd wheel of found footage, but their video for “Lion Run” is at least an exciting entry into the pantheon. The clip is a perfect example of how the audio can perfectly compliment the visuals, or what we’re calling The Reese’s Effect: the hard-driving tune makes the vintage cartoons and One Got Fat clips even more bizarre, while said absurdity adds a sheen of wackiness to the song’s ’90s radio rock energy. Enjoy your audio-visual peanut butter cup when you click play below.

The band’s debut album, Don’t Let Me Sleep, is available now.

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