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Video: Pusha T feat. Rick Ross – “Millions”

on February 10, 2013, 11:23am

screen shot 2013 02 10 at 10.20.14 am e1360513257316 Video: Pusha T feat. Rick Ross   Millions

 is a self-proclaimed fanatic of The Wire, and his new video for “Millions” is its own mini-episode. Pusha and  play drug kingpins whose den is raided by a SWAT team. They’re arrested and questioned, but we soon learn this storyline isn’t as simple as its seems. Crooked cops and a misplaced stash turn this five-minute clip into some compelling imagery. The only thing really missing is Jimmy McNulty.

(Rick Ross would smoke a cigar in an interrogation room and get away with it.)

“Millions” is off Pusha T’s new mixtape, Wraith of Cain, which you can download here. His Marlo Stanfield-referencing full-length debut, My Name Is My Name, is due out later this year via Def Jam.

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