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Video: The Little Ones – “Argonauts” (CoS Premiere)

on February 01, 2013, 10:37am

littleones arrgovid main Video: The Little Ones   Argonauts (CoS Premiere)

Los Angeles indie-pop act The Little Ones abide by a very simple songwriting approach called Uncle Lee’s Rule of Feet: “A song was deemed appropriate if, and only if, each of the Little Ones’ feet could shuffle.” Though wholly unscientific, this method successfully yielded “Argonauts”, the infectious lead single to their forthcoming sophomore LP, The Dawn Sang Along.

With its chirpy vocals, saccharine synths, and highly-romanticized lyrics (“I think we’ll make it out / I think I hear the latest sound/Now we’re falling on our knees tonight”), the tune could be considered your standard over-indulgent twee-pop. But it’s the little undertones of wide-eyed sincerity that shine brightest, demonstrating an unabashed love of making people shimmy and smile.

The corresponding video, however, goes right for the funny bone. Directed by vocalist/keyboardist Lee LaDouceur, the clip features four dudes in lucha masks (including those of Mil Mascaras and Máscara Sagrada, for anyone nerdy enough to care) catching some gnarly waves and making faceplants look graceful. If this is gonna help legitimize pro wrestling, then we’ve got some equally awesome ideas with polo and Jai alai. Hang 10 by watching below.

The Dawn Sang Along hits stores on February 12th via Branches Recording Collective.

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