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Watch the 360-degree, interactive video for Beck’s cover of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”

on February 19, 2013, 12:47pm

beck chris milk hello again Watch the 360 degree, interactive video for Becks cover of David Bowies Sound and Vision

Earlier this month, Beck kicked off Lincoln’s new “Hello, Again” covers song campaign in grand fashion by reinterpreting David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” with a 170-plus-piece orchestra. While the initial clip offered a look into the performance’s controlled chaos, the show can now be seen as it was intended with director Chris Milk’s much-hyped 360-degree, interactive experience.

For the event, Milk invented a 360-degree binaural recording device that captures audio from every angle, capturing loads of nuances. Milk also debuted 360-degree cameras that could move up and down as opposed to only left and right. The resulting experience expands upon even the most sophisticated of interactive works, allowing a full range of sound and movement from the stage to the crowd and beyond. Just boot up the ol’ webcam and watch the show switch positions with every facial movement.

Jump right on into the rabbit hole by clicking here. The high-def version has a slightly extended wait time, so enjoy the original clip below while it loads.

In slightly less technologically-advanced news, Beck’s Song Reader will be the subject of a new exhibition at Sonos Studio in Los Angeles from February 21st to March 24th. According to a press release, the exhibition will feature various recordings of the music as interpreted by fellow musicians and fans, as well as instruments so guests can perform their own versions of the songs. Head here for ticket info and showtimes.

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