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Watch the trailer for the Al Pacino-starring Phil Spector biopic

on February 06, 2013, 12:00pm

pacinoasspector Watch the trailer for the Al Pacino starring Phil Spector biopic

Way back in late 2010, the world collectively made this face when iconic actor Al Pacino was cast to play iconic producer Phil Spector in an HBO biopic about the Lana Clarkson murder trial. Now, the network has released the initial trailer for the minimally-titled Phil Spector, which you can watch below.

Visually, Pacino pulls off the look courtesy of a boatload of wigs (perhaps Mr. Spector’s real hair pieces?), but misses the mark by sounding almost nothing like Spector’s nasally Bronx accent. Still, with director David Mamet (Glengarry Glen Ross) also exploring Spector’s other infamous moments, Pacino totally nails the volcano-like rage that caused Spector to fire a gun in the studio while recording with John Lennon. Hooah!

Phil Spector airs March 24th. The film also stars Helen Mirren as Spector’s defense lawyer Linda Kenney-Baden and Jeffrey Tambor as her hubby/forensic pathologist/defense witness Michael Baden.

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