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Yes, that’s David Bowie on the cover of NME

on February 27, 2013, 2:55pm

bowieinmskpic Yes, thats David Bowie on the cover of NME

If the man behind the Phantom of the Opera-esque mask pictured above isn’t familiar, then you must not be a true David Bowie devotee. Yes, according to NME’s editor-in-chief Mike Williams, that’s the Thin White Duke and his piercing gaze covering the magazine’s latest issue.

“Staring out from behind the mask are the unmistakable eyes of David Bowie,” Williams wrote. “The shot, taken by his friend Jimmy King exclusively for NME on February 11 in New York, landed in my inbox the next day with a message from Bowie’s people: ‘This is just for you. No one else has seen this. David would like to be on the cover.'”

Of course, it could also be the debut cover of Hockey Players With Heterochromia magazine, but we’ll take NME‘s word for it.

For a decidedly more recognizable Bowie, be sure to watch the Tilda Swanton-starring video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”. The Next Day, Bowie’s first album in 10 years, arrives March 12th via Columbia Records.

And in the spirit of sharing covers, we here at CoS would like to share the cover of next month’s Cover Story. Let the guessing begin!

batman mask deluxe zoom1 Yes, thats David Bowie on the cover of NME

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