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Listen to AbdeCaf’s exclusive mix for Consequence of Sound

on March 12, 2013, 4:00pm

AbdeCaf - Friday - Dos Equis Stage

A few weeks ago, AbdeCaf contributed a mix to The 405’s Plastic Platform series that revealed an affinity for Clams Casino, Drake, and The Weeknd. Now, the Florida-based producer has returned with another choice selections of cuts exclusively for Consequence of Sound as he preps for his stint as DJ-in-residence at our CoSigns day party at South by Southwest.

Included in the mix is a song born from a previous CoSigns event. At this past fall’s CMJ Music Marathon, I stood in the crowd next to AbdeCaf as Conveyor took the stage at out CoSigns October Party. “These guys are awesome,” he screamed in my ear. “And I feel like everyone in here is sleeping on them! I wanna do a remix for these guys!” Lo and behold, four months later, and a remix of “Yes, Some Things Are So Heavy” appears on this very tracklist.

Also included in the mix is an Adele-Daft Punk mashup, some James Blake, a pinch of Arcade Fire, and a track AbdeCaf cooked up with his #MAGICALPOWERS cohert Ptolemy (under a new moniker: your majesty) for A$AP Lotto. Check it all out below, and stop by CoSigns II to hear him spin some of the mix live.

AbdeCaf CoSigns II Mix Tracklist:
AbdeCaf – “All YR Love”
Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs” (Mr. Little Jeans cover)
Rules – “I’m Patient” (Yahtzel Remix)
James Blake – “Retrograde”
Anna Scouten – “Intuition” (Feist cover) (EVSTGHXST Remix)
Big K.R.I.T. – “Moon and Stars” (Clams Casino remix)
Adele vs. Daft Punk – “Something About The Fire” (Carlos Serrano mix)
AbdeCaf ft. Soft Lighting – “Never Know” (POLYHYMNI? Remix)
Conveyor – “Yes, Some Things Are So Heavy” (AbdeCaf Remix)
Vass – “Ignition”
Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch – “Sweet Nothing” (Diplo Remix)
Flume – “Holdin’ On”
Dead Battery – “Forget Me” (Koda Remix)
your majesty – “Caste System”
oOoOO ft. Butterclock – “No Way Back”
AbdeCaf – “Outro” (demo)

Photography by Lilian Cai

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