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Listen to Peter Gordon and Factory Floor’s epic 15-minute track, “Beachcombing”

on March 05, 2013, 5:10pm

Peter Gordon, Factory Floor

It all started with a fan letter, leading to an exchange of emails, some sound files, and a few mixes. Thanks to the mighty powers of the internet, an expansive and intoxicating 15-minute electronic track called “Beachcombing” was born from an unlikely pair: experimental New York composer Peter Gordon and London post-industrial act Factory Floor.

The collaboration is bizarre on paper, despite both acts having released material via DFA Records in the past, but somehow the meandering cut puts aside most reservations. Shaky, muffled vocals and blaring saxophone sleep beside the haunting pulse of the music as it changes from relaxed slither to urgent trance in mere seconds. Get hypnotized below.

The original version of “Beachcombing” surfaced last summer as part of an event hosted by ICA London, and was much shorter, clocking in only at nine minutes, but this new 15-minute rendition will be released via Optimo Music.

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