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Morrissey In His Own Words: The Singer’s Best Quotes

on March 04, 2013, 12:03am
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Morrissey on Style

morrissey naked Morrissey In His Own Words: The Singers Best Quotes

“[Clothes] don’t have the relevance they once had, like in the ’60’s you could look at someone and assess their personality. That’s not the case anymore. Clothes are no longer the window of the soul.” I-D, 1983

“If you have no image, if you become popular and people begin to mimic you, how you dress can seem to be something that’s quite manufactured and contrived, which of course it never ever was. I think the image trap is just there and everybody goes into it. It strangles most people.” Hot Press, 1984

“Long hair is an unpardonable offense which should be punishable by death.” Smash Hits, 1986

“I once bought a Manchester United hat, which I think was 12 shillings, and somebody ran up behind me and pulled it off and just ran ahead. I thought, ‘It’s a very cruel world, I’m not prepared for this’. And I decided to get my revenge on society.” NME, 1988

“There’s nothing wrong with the odd sequin now and again. No, I’m not going to enter a glam phase, do I look as if I am? I’m more likely to wear satin here than on stage. No, I’m happy just being dumpy dumpy dumpy me. Dumpy, fat, and middle aged.” NME, 1989

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